Schengen Visa Applications from Maldives Soon

Swiss Mountain

Hallelujah! Woke up this morning to find some great news for Maldivians keen to travel to the Schengen countries. Ahmed Shian, special delegate to European Union from Maldives, revealed that Schengen visa applications will be taken from Maldives very soon. Currently, Maldivians keen to travel to Schengen countries can apply from Sri Lanka only. He […]

What is the new Maldivian “Passport Card”?

Maldives Immigration has recently introduced an innovative new Passport Card with multiple uses. Built by Dermalog, a German technological company known for its innovative biometric systems, the Passport Card is supposed to be a one of its kind. It can hold licence, health and insurance details plus can carry out monetary transactions, which Maldives immigration […]